Thursday, 8 October 2009


This summer's BLOG brief has highlighted a few things about, 1. My design philosophy, 2. My dislike to blogging- which is rather hypocritical as I rapturously enjoy other people's blogs and religiously follow many of them. This at first seemed rather depressing as it confirmed the truth all designers shudder in fear over: I am the spectator and not the participant. I observe, but I do not affect. Tragic.

Which leads me onto my design philosophy, being able to be spectator IS the key ingredient as opposed to participating blindly for a 'new-age' designer. I have also discovered that my passion as a creative person lie in the ability to solve real problems of real depth rather than going through the 'problems' designers are engineered to rectify with a few clicks of the mouse. There must be more things of -dare I say it- greater importance, to affect in this world than the kerning of a typeface.

Admittedly as a newly fledged designer I should be falling 'head over heels' with design and admittedly this is still true; I still succumb to the powers of a beautifully set out design/artwork. But as the more I blog and discover design for my self- I am starting to loathe my potential occupation.

Which is great... as by process of elimination I have my eyes set on a new road in design. 

Space, Layout  and Atmosphere. These words seem to be at the tip of my tongue every time I think of design. My ability to affect the space I am in is a key concept I am very interested in pursuing in the discipline of Interior design- which is fitting as I can spectate AND participate all from the comforts of rooms and public places I design. My emphasis on design has always been about how it makes others feel and the credibility of purpose of the design.No point creating more junk to pollute the world. Designers have a greater call to be more socially responsible in their work especially graphic designers, printing excessively and adding to the unnecessary waste of natural resources.

This has been the 'Eureka' moment in terms of working out what I want to achieve for my final project- a glorification of new media: namely the world wide web. This medium is a perfect way to still be a 'problem solving' designer with minimal costs as no paper is wasted and the audience has freedom again to choose what they want to see, when they want to see, if at all. Furthermore it encourages the diversity of inspiration as communication and knowledge from across the world is boundless.

My personal crusade for this blog was to identify new trends and link them to old trends as everything passes through a circle. Therefore for my final project I want to gain a deeper understanding of layout and structure using grids for print work and apply them to web design, and by that implement a new way of interacting with the screen.

 As a designer I see this as the real creative hub we are in; being active in the process of recycling and refining-rather than innovating.

Referencing aims and objectives:

The "film" I had the most joy posting up and discussing was not an actual film per say... it was an advert that had stunned me to silence when I saw it on the t.v.

Admittedly, I dislike adverts during TV programs and I am part of the 99.9%(please do not quote me on this) of the population who dive for the remote as soon as a show is scheduled for a break in the desperate attempt to find ANY alternative to watching adverts while we wait- a.k.a channel surf(ing).   

However on a normal day of watching America's Next top model, about to reach for the remote begin channel surfing to avoid incessant adverts, I stopped. 

A woman's voice calmly spoke about her experience of a routine doctor's visit- it was this first part that really captured my imagination as there was no jingle attached, no hugh typefaces darting across the screen and no 'comical' stuffed animals selling things. 

It was just a normal conversation as though she was talking to just me in the room. When the advert had finished and I realised that it was a cancer research advert and was truly impressed. 

From a design perspective I made me think how design can something be excessive and conceptual- but still fail to make an impact, if any...and something so simple could affect so many effortlessly. 

This has given me a greater understanding as to what type of designer I am and what my role as a designer is. To create less - but effect more. 

Photography ,the process of capturing and editing. Looking at a particular artist- Micaela  Rossato from my blog, I can see how this high level of skill does not come by easily. Although her work is arguable very simple and static, the effortless of it all, from the composition choice to the use/lack of colour, to me, all suggest that there is greater understanding of photography rather than just the clicking of a camera and hoping for the best.

This has re-affirmed my decision to focus my final project on space, layout and atmosphere. These words require a high level of understanding of how things are suppose to affect each other to create either harmony or anarchy.  

In conclusion, it seems I have achieved more than I thought I would via Blogging- the Eureka moment did come-Alas, I am saved...

My newly formed mission statement:

To create social- responsibility design.

So at last.

 I participate.

Therefore I am.

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