Friday, 25 September 2009

Home, Sweet Sweet, Home

The Ikea website strikes me as a 'mini- ikea;' in the sense that the ambience of the stores is used also for the website. The global brand's tone of voice of 'affordability with style' is distilled into the structure and user- experience of the website. The clustered nuggets of home decor inspirations are still a feature on the website, through visuals. Still creating the idea of lots to choose from.
They even have an online shop assistant 'Ask Anna' is an icon of a female who looks approachable and more importantly user friendly with both audio and typing. 

This is a good example of how everything compliments each other well. User experience is the key to Ikea's marketing strategy. If people like how they feel in a certain place, not only will it encourage repeat visits it will also encourage viral advertising. (word of mouth) 
Ikea are known for their 'show room' styled stores, where customers have to  go through different parts of a home set-up, kitchens, bedrooms etc before they can choose what they want to by, but the majority of the time,  customers will leave with more than they had planned to buy. 

Therefore it encourages me to look deeper in user experience for my final project.

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