Friday, 25 September 2009

The Big Kids Chess club

The design of the interior space is as important as the design of the exterior. I have noted that I have been looking at design, through this blog, in a more circumferential way, meaning I look at the WHOLE package as opposed to just the typeface choice for instance. This has become very important to my design process as I believe every decision made has to compliment the whole project. 

Walking around in Leeds City Centre and the surrounding area you will find a patch of ground fully dedicated to the word 'community.' A big chess board is set on the ground in a quiet part of the city centre situated outside the galleries. The chess mat is equivalent to the playground in parks for kids- giving 'big kids' the opportunity to socialise and have fun.

Designing for the public space in this way is very interesting as the purpose of a chess mat is to encourage interaction and positive activity which is something society doesn't normally encourage in their everyday routines. 

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